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Another sub-par week. I managed to write about a thousand words.

If I get snowed in tomorrow, I'll try to do something productive with my time. :P
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I did a little bit better this week, though still not up to what I used to do when I wrote diligently. The word count is 176,680 and I think I may need to rewrite the last two chapters.

Need to research riddles. Finding or making up good ones for Hogwarts Houses Divided was not easy.
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This week kind of sucked - I only wrote 900 words (most of them tonight). Trying to get back into some kind of daily routine, even if only for half an hour or so. It doesn't help that the current chapter is one of those really difficult ones that I'm not even sure belongs.

Maybe having to post that I only wrote 900 words for the week will motivate me to do better this week. :\
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Okay, I really, really need/want to finish this book this year.

I'm not setting myself any hard wordcount deadlines, but maybe a regular public accounting of my progress will help motivate me. So I'm going to try to post a progress report at least every Sunday.

As of now, I am working on Chapter 34, and am at 172,800 words.

(And yeah, still looking like this is going to be one big book, because I'm still in the second act. I think I may have some serious structural problems with AQATWA - we'll see how much it changes once I finish this big, bloated, meandering, swiss cheese of a first draft.)
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Now and then I talk about about my writing style, my technique, my efforts to improve my craft. It's not just because I'd like to be published someday, but this writing thing, even if it never becomes more than a hobby, is still something I'd like to be really good at.

I am pretty clearly a "storyteller." Most people who like my writing like the story and the characters. They like my plotting, and the consequences they see unfolding as I bring my plans to fruition.

My writing style, at best, is readable and technically proficient. Now and then I polish a sentence I particularly like, and I've managed a few nice bits of imagery, some description that I thought was particularly fine, but I don't have the wit, the finesse, the mastery of vocabulary, of some writers whom I particularly admire.

That's not to say that I want to write like them — above all, I want to write like myself. But as I work on AQATWA, now and then I find myself trying to polish up some prose, or promising myself I'll go back later and make it prettier, and I realize... despite the fact that I know shiny prose when I see it, despite the fact that I do have a rather expansive vocabulary, despite the fact that I fancy myself somewhat knowledgeable about literature... more often or not I don't know just what I should do, or even could do, to "improve" a sentence.

I don't know if this is a flaw or not. I mean, there's nothing wrong with writing clean prose that is pleasant to read and carries no particular signature style. Lots of writers write in this kind of plain-prose style. It's not like I aspire to be "literary."

Still, I do look wistfully at some real wordsmiths and wonder how their prose all comes out looking very much like something crafted.

Quotes of shininess. )

So, I can't do that. I kind of wish I could, but I think it's a mistake for any writer to try to emulate another writer's style.

But I do, at least, have a knack for stories, and interesting characters. When I can put in the writing time. That's the other thing I envy: writers who can churn out thousands of words a day. A feat I haven't managed in... far too long.

AQATWA is at 32 chapters and 166,000 words.
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No, really, I am still writing. Okay, I'm still not hitting my targets (good thing I didn't attempt NaNoWriMo), but I managed to get about 2000 words written today.

Since I am now up to 157K, and I haven't done one of these in a while, here's a wordle, as of Chapter 31.

AQATWA worldle 157k

The story is still spaghetti and continuity is a mess and I am probably trying to cram two books worth of plot into one. But it's going to get done. Or I'll die. One of those two things will happen. /GRRM
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I know, folks, I know. I'm getting more people asking me in slightly worried tones if I'm really going to finish book five (let alone the series). And how I said I'd be done last year, then that I'd be done this year.

It's been a rough year. I just don't have the writing time I used to. But I am still writing. I even want to get around to writing other things besides AQ. That hasn't happened either, lately.

But, however slowly, progress is being made. I hope you all will still be around when I finally get to the end.

I just finished chapter 30, at 152K words.

[ profile] cactuscommando has finished his splendid series of AQ fan art. And he's promised to make an AQATWA cover to match the others he did, when I have finally finished a rough draft.

Constance Pritchard
by cactusfantastico on deviantART

Forbearance Pritchard
by cactusfantastico on deviantART

by cactusfantastico on deviantART
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AQ fan [ profile] agogobell has written an Alexandra Quick fan fic called Worry.

Their freshman year at Charmbridge is over, and Alex has been expelled. Anna is nonfunctional in Little Wuyi, and probably depressed.

It takes place between the end of book four and the beginning of book five, and is basically an examination of Anna's mental state, which I found quite true to the character. Something to tide you all over while I (slooooooowly) work on AQATWA.

Thank you, [ profile] agogobell! It is so cool when people write fanfic of my fanfic. :)

(Also - I am sorry I did not respond sooner! LJ spam-filtered your PMs because they contained external links. In the future - this applies to everyone, actually - you'll get a faster response from me if you email me at inverarity dot author at gmail dot com, rather than using LJ PMs, which I only check occasionally.)
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Since LiveJournal is turning everything Russian, how about some Chinese? AQ fan Karinta sent me this list of Mandarin translations for character names, looking up the meanings of their names as needed.

快守仁 (Kuài Shǒurén) Alexandra Quick
儲恩納 (Chǔ Ēnnà) Anna Chu
力恒 (Lì Héng) Constance Pritchard
力忍 (Lì Rěn) Forbearance Pritchard
穗親朋 (Suì Qīnpéng) David Washington
棘眾父 (Jí Zhòngfù) Abraham Thorn
王大明 (Wáng Dàmíng) Maximilian King
嚴之夜 (Yán Zhīyè) Lilith Grimm
嚴明月 (Yán Míngyuè) Diana Grimm
嚴魅力 (Yán Mèilì) Hecate Grimm
途好言 (Tú Hǎoyán) Benedict Journey
蹲黑雷 (Dūn Hēiléi) Elias Hucksteen
嶢小親 (Yáo Xiǎoqīn) Darla Dearborn
松坂友 (Sōngbǎn Yǒu/Matsuzaka Tomo) Tomo Matsuzaka
撊破 (Xiàn Pò) Claudia Pruett
撊藍 (Xiàn Lán) Livia Pruett
白光亮 (Bái Guāngliàng) Lucilla White
白露珠 (Bái Lùzhū) Drusilla White
白壯烈 (Bái Zhuàngliè) Valeria White
王青春 (Wáng Qīngchūn) Julia King
儲革命 (Chǔ Gémìng) (rather obvious)
力純 (Lì Chún) Innocence Pritchard
擇機治 (Zéjī Zhì) Henry Tsotsie
鷯&雀 (Liáo & Què) Bran & Poe
勤 (Qín) Em
崖辛苦 (Yá Xīnkǔ) Mary Shirtliffe
青正勁 (Qīng Zhèngjìn) Archie Green
海恪守 (Hǎi Kèshǒu) Brian Seabury
海嫵媚 (Hǎi Wǔmèi) Bonnie Seabury
驚以盔 (Jīng Yǐkuī) Billy Boggleston
死命 (Sǐ Mìng) The Most Deathly Power
天星 (Tiān Xīng) The Stars Above
父日 (Fù Rì) Father Sun
地土 (Dì Tǔ) The Earth
胡鬧 (Húnào) Mischief

Fun bonus trivia fact about Anna: Her native dialect is actually Amoy. However, like any well-educated Chinese witch, she can get by in Mandarin as well. (She also knows a smattering of Cantonese, mostly from hanging around Muggle Chinatown.)
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So I just spent most of the evening writing a chapter that I then realized repeated something that happened in Chapter 3.

'Cause that's what happens when you let months go by and the story is no longer fresh in your mind.


Okay, still making (a little) progress. But I think I need to spend some time going through my notes and maybe even resorting to an outline again.

Also, I finally re-uploaded all my ebooks, this time to a shared Google Drive folder. So the Download my stories! link to the left should work again. Let me know if you have problems.

(And I'm still planning to do revised ebook editions with [ profile] cactuscommando's newer covers one of these days, but that too is on the procrastination to-do list.)
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Yes, I kind of suck right now. No progress to report.

Really, I'm going to finish AQATWA. Honest. I haven't lost interest or motivation. Just... temporarily suffering from a lack of writing mojo. That's why the lack of AQ posts lately.

The book is maybe not quite half done, I just need to get moving again on the second half.

So as a reward for your patience (those of you still following my LJ), I will stop teasing you with the title. The title of AQ book five is Alexandra Quick and the World Away.

Still aiming to finish by the end of (this) year. Which will happen. If I can start writing again...

In other news, I received a stern email from, which is where I hosted my ebook downloads, claiming they had received a "complaint" about "copyright infringement."

I doubt J.K. Rowling and her lawyers are sending C&D orders to hosting sites, so either just started cracking down on fan fiction, or someone out there doesn't like me. Boo.

I'll try to find another hosting site with fanfic-friendly TOS soonish.
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You have probably noticed that my posting has been more sporadic than usual lately, and alas, so has my writing. Not to worry - everything is fine, and I am still working on AQATWA.

Since I haven't been doing any AQ reread posts lately and have nothing really new to update you with, here is a present I've been saving for you most patient of fans — a semi-official map of the Confederation.

("Semi-official" means it's more or less canon in my head, but I reserve the right to change anything that hasn't actually appeared in the books yet. ;))

View The Confederation in a larger map
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So I guess witches are the next big thing?

Here is a gorgeous new piece of fan art. Y'all do love Charlie, don't you?

Alex and charlie
by Asahisuperdry on deviantART

So, I got about 1000 words written tonight. Alexandra has gotten into her next spot of trouble.

I mentioned a while ago that Alexandra did a bad, bad thing. What kind of trouble do you think Alexandra is going to get into? Here's a poll — guess what Alexandra will do in AQATWA!

(Hint: at least one of these things will actually happen.)

[Poll #1954935]
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You'd think I'd get more writing done on a snow day. I suck.

I am up to 140K words now, which those of you who are counting will realize is only 2000 words in the last three weeks. Yes, I suck.

Okay, it's one of those mushy middle transitory chapters where I am not sure how to push through and make interesting things happen without being boring along the way. But I seem to have made progress in the last couple of days; as usual, it comes from deviating from my weak-ass outline and writing dialog as I go along and realizing a new subplot has emerged.

Alexandra has been trying to be good. But now she's back to saying "Fuck it, Ima do what I want."

The more interesting things always seem to happen when Alexandra is off her leash. Go figure.

So, we have an awesome new illustration by [ profile] cactuscommando — Alexandra, if she lives to be 20:

Visiting Home
by cactusfantastico on deviantART

And two more character illustrations:

Innocence Pritchard
by cactusfantastico on deviantART

Mary Shirtliffe
by cactusfantastico on deviantART
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To finish this damn book. And some OF on the side.

27 chapters and 138K words so far. The pieces are actually kind of fitting together now — at least I kind of know where I'm going — but individual chapters are big messes of dialog and characters muddling about. I've introduced a bunch of new characters who are kind of interesting (to me) but have no real long-term utility, and meanwhile I don't know how to keep Alexandra's friends from spending most of the book sidelined.

But thank you to everyone who is still reading and still waiting for me to finish this project. My "fanbase" is small even by fan fiction standards and insignificant compared to that of a real author, but the occasional reviews and comments and people arguing over whether or not Diana Grimm is evil are enough to keep me going. Yes, I admit it, I probably wouldn't continue if I were writing only for myself. I don't need to be famous, I don't need to be a BNF, but I do need an audience. So thank you.

2013 was not a terrible year for me, but I've had better. I get the impression that's true for a lot of folks. So may 2014 be better for all. Even Diana Grimm.

Diana Grimm
by ~cactusfantastico on deviantART
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I feel like I am wandering in a desert, trying to find the way out of this plotless wasteland. There are many new characters and much dialog, but the story is spinning its wheels.

Not doing such a great job at writing undistracted, without constantly succumbing to the temptation of the Internets. So I've only been managing an average of at best 500 words a day. Current word count is almost 135K words.

However, here are two new illustrations from [ profile] cactuscommando to enjoy. No one else has ever drawn Maximilian before, so it's nice to have a non-Poser image of him, and I particularly like Anna, who is indeed adorable.

Maximilian King
by ~cactusfantastico on deviantART

Anna Chu
by ~cactusfantastico on deviantART
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So I have a bunch of new characters all being introduced in one chapter. I feel like I'm writing The Hunger Games. (No, that's not a hint about the plot.) I remember a comment I got a lot about Hogwarts Houses Divided was that I dropped so many characters into the story that people had trouble keeping the names straight at first, though most readers apparently got them sorted out eventually. Still, I may have to eliminate a few characters when I go back and revise. Assuming I don't eliminate entire swaths of the book, since I'm still in that meandering "I know where I want to go, but right now I'm just winging it" phase.

There are a lot of big events and new developments in AQATWA, but the connective tissue that will hold it all together as a coherent book isn't there yet.

However, you may surmise that at least I am writing again. I never really stopped, but progress has been dragging for a while.

Current word count is 131K words. I still predict this is going to be the longest of the AQ books yet.

And now, one of the best illustrations I've seen of Alexandra, courtesy of [ profile] cactuscommando, and another one of Dean Grimm! Click the links to go check out the full-size versions on the artist's DeviantArt page.

Alexandra Quick
by ~cactusfantastico on deviantART

Lilith Grimm
by ~cactusfantastico on deviantART

Abraham Thorn
by ~cactusfantastico on deviantART


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