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I wrote some more words for AQATWA!

Not a lot. I am still on Chapter 11. But I finished part of a chapter.

And now, back to AQATLB.

In which we meet Diana Grimm. )
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I know I haven't posted much about Alexandra Quick book five lately. For the last few weeks, I have mostly been working on a final draft of my OF novel and actually collecting agent and publisher contacts to start collecting rejection slipssubmitting. But, I have not completely neglected AQATWA. I am still working on it, a little, and will resume writing in earnest once I have decided the other project is ready to fly out into the world, for better or for worse. I do intend to finish AQATWA by the end of this year. And I have a few bonuses I may post before then. ;)

Anyway, in the meantime, I am going to resume my AQ reread project with book two, Alexandra Quick and the Lands Below.

Alexandra Quick and the Lands Below

What I had already written - boy, I used to write faster, didn't I? )

So, on to Chapter One.

So, you are wondering, how could Claudia possibly have thought sending Alexandra to VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL was a good idea? )


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