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I recently posted about the outing of 'Requires Only That You Hate' as up-and-coming Thai SF writer Benjanun Sriduangkaew.

In that entry, and in previous posts about RH/acrackedmoon/Winterfox/Pyrofennec/all-her-many-previous-handles, I was still somewhat sympathetic to her, in that I thought she was a jerk, but didn't deserve to be "outed" and made the target of an Internet auto-da-fé.

I had, in fact, participated on her blog, been cordial with her on LJ back when she was Winterfox, and allowed her to influence my opinion of many other writers and Internet personalities. We did not always agree, but I'd managed not to trigger her attack reflexes, and I can be lumped into the group of her enablers/defenders who dismissed a lot of her worst behavior as "performance rage."

SF author Laura J. Mixon (who also writes as M.J. Locke) has just posted a very extensive summary of the damage done by this individual. The post is long, and the comments are now in the hundreds, but they are illuminating too, and include a lot of testimonials by recognizable SF authors. There are links to posts from other authors and victims, many of which are also lengthy. I just spent quite a lot of time reading it all.

To put it briefly: "Requires Hate"/"Benjanun Sriduangkaew" (it's been reported from a couple of sources who claim knowledge that that name is certainly a pseudonym as well) has apparently been involved in a long, extensive campaign of deception, harassment, and covert attacks on other writers. Not just her public ranting, violent threats, and "trololol" tweets, but whispering campaigns to editors and publishers and con committees, targeting of enemies for exclusion and harassment, collection of extortion material, etc.

Her behavior, always cloaked in the language of "Social Justice," has been cynical, exploitative, and malicious.

I regret ever being even a peripheral part of her "support network." I didn't join in any of her pile-ons, I was never part of her inner circle, and she has nothing on me, but I did laugh at her cruel reviews and some of her snarky tweets. No, I still don't think that hyperbolically calling for an author to be skinned alive and set on fire should necessarily be treated as an actual physical threat, but in light of her pattern of abuse and vicious character assassination (much of which was apparently happening in back channels), I no longer think such violent rhetoric should be taken so lightly, either.

I used to be a lot more sympathetic to the cause of "Social Justice." I still am, in the abstract sense, in that I still think racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., are bad things and should be opposed. But RH, and her many supporters (some of whom are still standing by her and calling her the injured party) no longer have my sympathies, and I have become extremely cynical about SJ activists in general. (In fairness, RH is only a small part of that.) It's an environment that says insults and excoriating personal attacks are always okay as long as you're "punching up," that the merits of an argument can be determined by where the person making it sits on an "axis of privilege," that allowed a cynical, exploitative predator like RH to recruit so many useful idiots to her cause, some of whom (according to those linked reports) are now literally fearful of publicly breaking with her.

I wish no harm on whoever the person behind the persona may be. I'd like to believe some elements in the two apologies she posted (in two of her guises) are sincere. I have no idea what the professional future may be for the writer known as "Benjanun Sriduangkaew." But I will be far more mindful about my online interactions in the future. I will not endorse snark, flaming, or dismissive identity-based arguments.

Mostly unrelated to this particular issue, I am tempted to out myself just so I can wander the Internets as myself and not care about whether people know who I "really" am. I don't deliberately maintain multiple identities for purposes of deception - I just started writing fan fiction as "Inverarity" because it was a little embarrassing to be a middle-aged guy writing Harry Potter fan fiction, and I didn't want that to be the first thing that pops up if someone Googles my real name. But now Inverarity has become something of a secondary identity for me as well, and it's a little cumbersome to remember who I've interacted with under what pseudonym. And yeah, I have an Internet history going back years, and a few long-time... well, "enemies" might be too dramatic, but people with whom I have had run-ins, and who might find it amusing to splash some of the more intemperate things I've said in my younger days around.

I haven't said or done anything that would cause me great shame, certainly nothing that anyone could hold over me by threatening to "out" me. But I am coming around to believing that, while some people have good and valid reasons to maintain a cloak of pseudonymity, the best and most honest way to conduct yourself online is as your real self.
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I was listening to Pandora, and a song came up on the playlist that I thought was cool, so I clicked the "like" button - and it turns out to be from the Twilight soundtrack.

Shoot me now.

In other news: I have more bookcases! I can possibly for the first time in the history of my life shelve all my books!

The unshelved paperback pile

Thrift Stores for the win )

So now maybe I will actually get some writing done. )
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Between buying a house and various other distractions, I have been a lazy slacker for the past couple of months. I pretty much stopped going to the gym, so aside from jujutsu and walking from the parking lot to my office, I have been getting hardly any exercise since the beginning of the year. Well, unless you count moving 70 boxes of books. :o

So anyway, I finally hit the gym again this week, with the earnest intention of resuming my regular routine. Of course I threw myself right into a workout, but at a "light" intensity, something that would have been little more than a warm-up for me last year.

Two days later, I'm still hurting.

And boy can I feel it, the fact that I don't just recover and heal as quickly as I did when I was younger. Just like I don't bounce up off the mats after being thrown as quickly as I once did. I swear, gravity increases with age.

Aging kind of sucks. :\

And yet, whining aside, I'm still in better shape than most guys my age. Or for that matter, a fair number of guys half my age. I am definitely in better shape now than I was when I was younger. Aside from, you know, being older.

Youth is wasted on the young. :P
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I just put in an offer on a house. o..O
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So, Sandy is coming this way. I have been less than impressed by my friendly neighborhood power company in past storm events. I expect to be without power for a few days, though it will be nice to be disappointed. I'm stocked up on food, water, flashlights, and enough sharp and ballistic objects for TEOTWAWKI. Though that was preparation for the zombie apocalypse, not some piddly little hurricane.

But, I wrote almost 5,000 words of AQATWA on Saturday, and about 5,000 words today! I'm writin' like a boss! Like it's NaNoWriMo or something.

Unfortunately, this has immediately resulted in the usual realization that it all sucks and will have to be rewritten but, ya know.

So anyway, I have finished a prologue and two chapters, and the current word count is about 12,000 words. And no, I'm not going to average 5000 words/day every weekend.

Meanwhile, I'm having major doubts about my SF novel and am almost ready to trunk it before I even try querying it. Bleh.
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I ain't never vacuuming again!

Yes, it's an expensive toy, but I love this little guy! It takes about an hour and covers every room in my home, including going under the bed and sofa, sweeping under the table in the kitchen, etc.

Of course it does not leave the floors and carpets sparkling and pristine - if you want ready-to-sell-the-place/get-your-deposit-back quality cleaning, you're still gonna have to do some vacuuming and mopping by hand. But if I can push a button once or twice a week and have the place look like I am not a lazy slob who never sweeps or vacuums because I hate cleaning, then it's money well spent.

Early Roombas got very mixed reviews. They were pretty stupid and not terribly efficient. I bought a Roomba 770. It's still not that "smart," but it finds its way around corners and through obstacles, like chair legs and half-open doors, with a little bumping and circling around. When you watch it work, it seems to be just zig-zagging randomly in and out of rooms, but eventually it covers pretty much every accessible square foot. And it automatically goes back to its charging station.

Having watched it once, I'd feel pretty comfortable leaving it to clean while I'm not home. You should do what you can to remove obstacles (put wastebaskets and lamps up on chairs, make sure there are no tangles of power cords/ethernet cables strung all over the place), but as long as you've made sure there is nothing that will seriously muck it up, it really is a turn-on-and-forget-about-it robot.

Will let you know how it's been working out after I've had it for a while.
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Toddler smacking cat

So awesome. I can't stop watching.

In other news, I passed my shodan test and am now officially a black belt, and my OF novel is about to go under the knives of impartial critters who do not know me from any other wannabe SF author. Whee! Let the evisceration begin!

Have not been playing much go lately, but I have been reading through books of life-and-death problems. They're better than sudoku or crossword puzzles!
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Toddler smacking cat

So awesome. I can't stop watching.

In other news, I passed my shodan test and am now officially a black belt, and my OF novel is about to go under the knives of impartial critters who do not know me from any other wannabe SF author. Whee! Let the evisceration begin!

Have not been playing much go lately, but I have been reading through books of life-and-death problems. They're better than sudoku or crossword puzzles!


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